I'm Erik Hunter.
A web developer who builds interactive web applications using modern technologies..

Let me formally introduce myself...

My name is Erik Hunter and I'm a web developer based out of Dallas, Texas. Throughout my coding journey I have worked with ReactJS, Node.JS, and MySQL amongst many other front-end/back-end technologies. Please go to the projects section and look at the applications I have developed. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time using the details listed below.

My skills

Coding Challenges

Below is a list of coding challenges that I solved using the Codewars platform. Codewars is an educational community that provides various programming exercises to assist software developers in developing their skills.    Each link below will take you to an application I created that displays both the problem provided by Codewars and the solution I created to resolve this problem. Most applications will also have a section that allows the end user to test the problem set with their own input. Don't hesitate to test these problems on your own!

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Complex Projects

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Mini Projects

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